Global Warming versus Climate Change

“The Earth’s main energy source is the sun. The sun causes convection within the atmosphere, which in turn affects weather and climate.” – NOAA

According to Space, (, when sunlight hits the moon’s surface, the temperature can reach 253 degrees F (123 C). The “dark side of the moon” can have temperatures dipping to minus 243 F (minus 153 C).”

Live Science ( advises us that “…the cosmic background temperature is minus 455 degrees Fahrenheit.”

The original proclamations of “Global Warming” were correct. Global warming, or the lack thereof, is the primary cause climate change.

Something else to consider

The earth is 4 ½ billion years old (4.54 plus / minus 0.05 billion years) according to most scientific research.

During the past billions of years, the Earth’s climate has cycled between ice ages – periods so cold that the polar caps spread all the way to the equator and periods of global warming – sometimes so warm our globe has been completely ice-free with trees growing in the Arctic and Antarctic.

On the 4 ½ billion-year earth time line, the industrial revolution is all but invisible and trucks and SUVs are invisible. The current ice age, the Cenozoic began about 70 million years ago and has included 20 + instances of glacial advance and retreat. We were not here.

If we humans and our carbon dioxide and other GHG’s did not cause these global climatic fluctuations, what is the cause?

El Sol

One of our closest neighbors is a huge, massive, nuclear furnace.

It is only 8 light minutes away, is 330,000 times the mass of the earth, and at its core the sun can reach more than 27 million degrees F (15 million degrees C). It’s much cooler surface, the chromosphere, has temperatures of only 7,800 degrees F (4,000 C) for comparison, most rocks turn molten at less than 2,300 F.

Temps jump briskly to 3.5 million degrees F in the corona as plasma shoots outward from the surface; sometimes at us.

There is a very important ratio of temperature and distance to be exactly maintained between planets and stars. We know the NASA’s Kepler spacecraft discovered a planet the same size as earth, named Kepler-78b, orbiting a star very similar to El Sol. But that critical ratio is missing. Kepler-78b is molten with surface temperatures estimated at 5,000 degrees F.

The sun is about 4 ½ billion years old, as is the earth according to current scientific theory. It is also prima facie knowledge that for all that time, the sun has been the primary cause of heating, cooling, climate, and weather for all of its tiny neighbors, -the sun is 99% of the mass of the entire solar system.

It is not RATIO/NAL to assume we humans are causing a heating cycle that has been extant for billions of years before there were any humans.

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