Sympathetic Oscillation

A number of years ago, one of the major auto companies experienced a large scale problem with steering column shake in vehicles with a new 4-cylinder engine. It turned out that at idle; a stop light for example, the engine’s natural frequency was the same as the steering column assembly. The steering wheel would begin sympathetic oscillation and the driver would suffer with wheel shake.

The most common image of this resonance is the tuning fork. Bang one tuning fork and put it near another tuning fork of the same frequency and it will begin to vibrate too.
This is the same phenomenon that allows a powerful singing voice to break a delicate wine glass by producing sound waves at the natural, or resonant, frequency of the glass.

Human Sympathetic Oscillation

In physics and engineering the calculations and rules of vibration, harmonic multiples, natural frequencies, and so on are well known and formulaic. In human behavior, specifically politics, the rules are less clear.

The “Political Class”, or “Political Elite” are terms in frequent use in the last decade or two. Cicero and the history of the Roman Senate should disabuse anyone from thinking that the Political Class is a new concept.

In 1919, German economist Max Weber in his major essay “Politics as a Vocation” described the political state as a small organization which held the “monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory”.

And who controls the political state? The Political Class of course. They are very similar to the older “Noble Aristocracy” in that they dedicate their lives to playing the greatest game and remaining part of the “Ruling Class” Who constitutes the Political Elite?

  • Elected officials, in and out of office (Consider the Clintons)
  • Non-elected officials appointed by elected officials
  • Subject matter experts that become attached to various agencies and form bureaucracies supported by permanent staffs
  • Self-declared political and policy specialists with big megaphones in the media
  • Largely one-sided academia that uses twisted inculcation to further acceptance of the political class and its policies
  • People who make a living off politics, commentators, consultants, think tanks
  • Lobbyists and law firms specializing in political affairs and influence peddling

It is a small group when compared to the total population. Yet in almost all cases it is from this relatively small group that future leaders are drawn.

What might happen if the larger population became aware of and frustrated by Political Class and began to see them as the “Ruling Class” and the system as rigged?

In the 2012 presidential election there were 218,959,000 US citizens eligible to vote. Less than 70 % bothered (146,311,000) to register and even fewer, 57% actually voted (126,144,000). Why vote if the system is rigged?

Trump and Tuning Forks

Many regard the new Ruling Class as living in an aquarium of their own making. They are not capable of understanding life outside the constricts of their bubble any more than a fish can understand anything outside of their watery home. The RATIO/NAL Observer postulates that many of Mr. Trump’s supporters do not obsess over his lack of nuanced policy statements or lack of support from those inside the bubble, (progressive, RINOs, media, academia, Hollywood). His primary asset is that he is not one of them.

He is a bowling ball headed down the alley right at the Political Class aquarium.

The fact that he and Mrs. Clinton are within the margin of error on many polls of likely voters may be meaningless. What if Mr. Trump succeeds in creating a sympathetic oscillation with a small portion of the 43% (92,933,500) non-participating voters? Only 5 million votes separated Romney and Obama in 2012.

The RATIO/NAL Observer postulates that perhaps November will bring America a new vibration.

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