Race Cars

In the spring of 2004, my business partner of 20 + years Mike Pocobello and I attended the Grand Opening of the Chaparral Museum. It is housed at the Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas. Mike had been the chief engineer for Jim Hall and Chaparral Cars during part of its legendary and revolutionary race cars of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Chaparral race cars were built and developed nearby at the equally famous “Rattlesnake Racetrack”.

Why the Petroleum Museum? Midland has several claims to fame one of them being the home of our legendary colleague Jim Hall. Another claim is that Midland sits atop the Permian Basin, the largest petroleum province of North America and the source of much of the Texas oil wealth. The Permian is a geologic period from approximately 300 to 250 million years ago.


The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum contains many other educational exhibits. Particularly interesting is a diorama of the reef that existed in what is now the Guadalupe Mountains as it looked about 260 million years ago. When it was under a salt water sea. Guadalupe Peak, namesake of the range, is the highest mountain in Texas and a tourist travel site because it is full of fossils of ancient sea creatures.  

The reef wrapped some 400 miles around the edge of a shallow ocean that comprehended much of Texas and New Mexico. According to the museum, over 500 species have been identified from the “Guadalupian” epoch from 272 million to 260 million years ago within the Permian period.

Oceans and Reefs in Texas?

Midland, Texas sits midway between Fort Worth and El Paso in an arid portion of the state’s southern plains. So how did a 1,000-foot-deep salt water ocean get there?  

The earth was still in the Carboniferous Ice Age at the beginning of the Permian period. In the mid-Permian period glaciers receded as global warming melted the polar ice caps; global warming that took place 270 million years before we homo sapiens existed. The RATIO/NAL Observer believes the current mindset of self-incrimination for a phenomenon that has been ongoing for several billion years is irrational. 

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