In 1979 52 American diplomats and citizens were taken hostage at the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran and held for 444 days. An act President Jimmy Carter called “terrorism and anarchy” without precedent in modern times that many consider the beginning of Islamic terrorism.

Not true. In 661 the first Islamic fundamentalist rebel group which had declared jihad against peace loving moderate Muslims, assassinated Ali, the fourth Caliph and the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. Islam named them “Kharijites”, meaning “those who left” [departed from the mainstream faith].

So began the 1,400-year period of numerous episodes of Muslim slavery, extremism & terrorism, the largest victim of which has been, by far, Islam.
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Black Entertainment Television presented the 2016 BET Awards on Sunday June 26, 2016. Jesse Williams, a performer from TV’s Gray’s Anatomy series, was presented the Humanitarian Award and during his speech claimed “this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us, burying black people out of sight and out of mind while extracting our culture…demeaning our creations then stealing them…”

Music as a Cultural Treasure

One of the special abilities of the mythical Sphinx is as a guardian of treasures.

Every year for the past 20 years the Detroit sponsored Sphinx Competition opens for all non-white (specifically, African American and Latino) Junior High, High School, and College-age string players residing in the U.S.

The Sphinx Competition offers young non-white classical string players “a chance to compete under the guidance of an internationally renowned panel of judges and to perform with established professional musicians in a competition setting. Its primary goals are to encourage, develop and recognize classical music talent in the (non-white) Black and Latino communities.

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